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Spotify: How the Algorithm Works

Spotify: How the Algorithm Work

Throughout music history, we have witnessed countless recipes and pathways for artists to reach success. While every artist’s formula is unique, hence why they stand out from the rest, there are some technical concepts that are important for artists to understand, including the notable Spotify algorithm. For artists who want to increase their listener and fan base, Spotify is an essential DSP (Digital Streaming Platform) for music releases, and understanding the algorithm can be a saving grace or a roadblock for their discography.

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The Importance of an Artist Bio

If you’re an artist trying to get your foot in the door of the music industry, you have probably heard of the term “artist bio.” While the concept may seem simple to those at the start line of their careers, a bio is one of the most essential pieces to an artist’s marketing package. Regardless of whether you are drafting your own artist bio yourself, or recruiting an outside source to pen it for you, there are multiple benefits to having a bio ready to send out alongside your music.

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