Scales: Growing Your Music Business

Since 2019, the number one challenge that many musicians tell me they face is understanding & applying the guiding principles of growing your music business. By comprehending these principles, you’ll be pointed in the right direction for growth.

My good friend Jermarco Britton – founder of Soul Shed STL, an amazing music education program – invited me to present on ways to overcome that challenge. That presentation is called Scales: Growing Your Music Business.

In April 2020, I decided to update the presentation and present it as a webinar. Some of the things I included in the update were:

  • How to increase your fanbase
  • How to increase your revenue
  • How to implement systems that grow your music business efficiently.

If there are any examples that breakdown how you’ve navigated the principles mentioned in the video, feel free to post a comment below.

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Julian Keaton


Culture curator and music business coach Julian Keaton is one of the leading voices in the St. Louis music community. For the past decade, Julian has worked with award-winning talent and organizations across the country as an artist, talent manager, radio show host/producer, blog contributor, event curator, consultant, brand ambassador and founder of Stereo Assault. As a creative, Julian is passionate about storytelling & producing innovative ways to communicate stories through art, tech & food.