The Importance of an Artist Bio

If you’re an artist trying to get your foot in the door of the music industry, you have probably heard of the term “artist bio.” While the concept may seem simple to those at the start line of their careers, a bio is one of the most essential pieces to an artist’s marketing package. Regardless of whether you are drafting your own artist bio yourself, or recruiting an outside source to pen it for you, there are multiple benefits to having a bio ready to send out alongside your music.

Let’s break down the importance of an artist bio and how it can help elevate your career.

First off, what is a bio?

A bio, which is short for “biography,” is a summary of an artist that tells their story before their music is even heard. It is a detailed description of an artist’s life and includes a slew of elements that paints a picture of what listeners can expect along their journey. Any readers of your bio should finish it with an understanding of who you are, where you’re from and what motivates you to drive for success in music. Not only will it incorporate information about your sound and upbringing, but it will also highlight your accomplishments, your inspirations, your current and upcoming projects, any associations or partnerships you’ve established with organizations or brands and even how you spend your free time. If making music is the job you want, then consider your bio your resum√©.

When should an artist have a bio?

Your bio will be useful in an ample amount of opportunities and situations, but it’s mostly created as a marketing tool with your overall brand package. Majority of the time, your bio is generally needed in four particular circumstances:

  • Branding – Your bio can easily live on your website, social media, digital streaming platforms, or your electronic press kit. Essentially, it should be featured anywhere that your audience can access you and your music or projects.
  • Press – Having a bio ready will be incredibly useful in order to engage interviews, profiles, stories and any other platforming that come your way.
  • Appearances – Live performances, speaking engagements and music placements are all circumstances where your bio will be helpful to increasing your reach and audience.
  • Fundraising – If you’re hoping to do outreach for fundraising, your bio can help you land potential grants, loans, investments and crowdsourcing.

How can artists benefit from bios?

As new occasions arise for artists to expand their brand, increase their audience or pitch their impact, a bio is a perfect door opener for those who are able to help connect those dots. There will be some high profile contacts and prospects that may not find the time to listen to your music until they scan your bio and get pulled into your story. Bios help build the foundation of an emotional connections with your audience, especially if they are just coming across your name for the first time. It allows consumers to absorb your brand as they watch you chronicle your musical journey.

Who is reading an artist bio?

Anyone receiving and engaging with your branding

This includes content consumers, followers, listeners, fans and even influencers who you may be affiliated or aligned with.

Members of the press and media

It’s important to include your bio in any touch points you make with journalists, bloggers, vloggers or other members of the media.

Anyone involved in you or your music’s appearances

You’ll want talent buyers, venue managers and music supervisors to see your bio in order to give them an idea of the impact you can bring to their platforms.

Authority figures and organizations involved in fundraising

Grant organizations, banks and investors can all understand your reach and impact without having to listen to all of your music just by reading a well-written bio.

Without a bio, you leave a substantial amount of room for guessing and disconnect from those who may be able to advance your career. While your music should take the spotlight, your bio will assist important figures and fans in connecting to your story, who will ultimately want to see you win just as much as you do. Letting fans, future and present, get a peek into your journey allows you to direct the trailer before they hear your musical feature presentation.

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