Empowering The Next Generation of Music Professionals Towards Financial & Creative Independence

Julian Keaton teaching musicians how to make money in a Julian Jewels program

What is Julian Jewels?

Julian Jewels is an education platform and community supporting musicians and creative professionals in their journey towards financial self-sufficiency. It’s a resource you can use to learn how to manage & operate a business, advertise & market your music-related products, connect with other creatives, and get the right strategies to build and monetize your fan base.

What We Do?

We simplify the process of becoming a creative entrepreneur by streamlining access to relevant information on managing your business. If you’re a musician, manager, marketer, journalist or entertainment professional, we present strategies and tactics that build long-lasting careers and businesses. Most importantly, we endorse what works by validating strategies used on various clients & projects then explain them using standard operating procedures anyone can follow.

Our Why?

We live in an era where anyone can accomplish their dreams with consistency, persistence, and applying the right information. We believe everyone should be able to establish a living based on their god-given talents. Being able to spark change in the world only comes when everyone can express themselves freely without constraints. Our why, is to activate the artist that lives inside all of us so we can live our lives to its fullest potential.

“Julian has hands down been the reason my record, 'I Told You', is ascending the way it is. We accomplished every goal we set, and then some. The dude just doesn’t stop working and I learn something new every time we speak.”
MC Tres, Musician recommends Julian Jewels
MC Tres

Who Runs Julian Jewels?

Julian Keaton, Founder of Julian Jewels

Julian Keaton
Culture curator and music business coach Julian Keaton is one of the leading voices in the St. Louis music community. For the past decade, Julian has worked with award-winning talent and organizations across the country as an artist, talent manager, radio show host/producer, blog contributor, event curator, consultant, brand ambassador and founder of Stereo Assault. As a creative, Julian is passionate about storytelling & producing innovative ways to communicate stories through art, tech & food.

Claudia Bee, Julian Jewels Account Manager

Claudia Bee
Account Manager
College senior majoring in Business Marketing. Spending the last few years planning events and she hope to plan a music festival.

Steffano Chavez, Julian Jewels Account Manager

Steffano Chavez
Account Manager
Steffano has a background and experience in entrepreneurship, information, and financial technologies. He has a deep passion for the arts and helping people succeed.

Nick Edmond, Julian Jewels Account Manager

Nick Edmond
Account Manager
College senior studying in Music Business. He has a deep passion for music and has aspirations in becoming A&R at a major label.